Things to do in and around Glen Ormond

There are a myriad of activities to keep you entertained in the vicinity of Glen Ormond.  The area is beautifully scenic and even simply driving around and taking in the many breathtaking views is good for the soul.  Here are some suggestions.


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  • Go ziplining at Karkloof Canopy Tours.  This is one of the best activities in the area and is great fun and offers unusual views of the area.  Do it!

Ziplining at Karkloof

Play golf.  There are many options in the area, including:


  • Do a pilgrimage to the Mandela Capture Site.  The sculpture by Marco Cianfanelli is remarkably imaginative and clever.  The small museum is also of interest.

  • Venture out on a motorcycle.  There many great biking roads in the area with thrill inducing twisties.  If you have an adventure bike, the dirt roads in the area offer many interesting rides.


Visit a cheese farm.  Have a gastronomic day!  We have some genius cheese crafters in the area.  Support them, please!  Check them out:


Drift over the beautiful valleys of the Midland by hot air balloon with Sky Adventures.  A wonderful experience.  Yes, naturally you should book in advance.


  • Buy wineThe Wine Cellar is just a few hundred metres from Glen Ormond and stock the most of extensive range of wine in KwaZulu-Natal.  Margie and Warwick will graciously assist you empty your wallet on an intriguing selection of their fantastic wines.  Abingdon Wine Estate is close to us and Highgate Wine Estate is too.  Meander Fine Wine is not an estate but they also stock an extensive range of wines.


Visit a Spa

Be pampered and spoilt at a spa.  Get that full body massage treatment, have the toes tweaked, rubbed and soothed.  Nod off to sleep, then get a facial.  Oh yes,  try these:



Go fly-fishing.

The local experts are the guys at WildFly in Nottingham Road.  Ask them where to go.  They know who is in a good mood, who is sulking, and who to avoid.

Still at a loss about activities in the area?  Check out the Midlands Meander website that lists things to do in the area.  Otherwise:

  • Relax, chill out and find inner peace.
  • Get married.
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