What’s Available at Glen Ormond?

Bearing in mind that the whole point of visiting a beautiful place like Glen Ormond is precisely to relax and do very little, these are some of the things that you can do on the property itself.

Bird Watching

crowned eagleGlen Ormond is a bird lover’s paradise.  We have an astonishing array of different kinds of bird life here.  There are many different kinds of raptors, including the majestic crowned eagle and the glorious fish eagle.  The river at the bottom of the property attracts a host of water fowl.  The area is renowned for the various crane that visit each year, including the spectacularly gorgeous crowned crane, of which the flocks have at times numbered over 100 birds!  Of course, a flock of smaller birds hop around, whistling happy songs.

crowned crane

The Gardens

Our gardens are renowned for colours and variety of interesting plants that blossom here.  The lawns are pleasurable to stroll.  Take the time to explore the flower beds, looking at each specimen that buds, each carefully placed for you to behold.  Indeed, come to Glen Ormond to smell the roses.

The Sheltering Sky

We have a big, sheltering sky at Glen Ormond, a vast blue African canopy that stretches from one side of the horizon to the other.  Our sunsets are often spectacular, as the last rays of the day slip behind the Drakensberg mountains.  Be ready with your camera to snap remarkable shots.

Vegetative Activities

If you want to do something mindless, you can always watch one of the movies in our DVD collection.  Or watch rugby on the television.  We have a great vegetable garden where you can watch the changing purple hues on our brinjals.

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